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Laura Bueno Rubiales is a personal, executive and team coach, specialised in facilitating communication skills. She is also a founder of Karismatia, a Coaching & Coworking space and Proimed Calidad, Company dedicated to the management of technical office in Maritime construction.
Hydrographer by profession and with more than 10 years of experience in the management of technical teams, Laura knew Coaching from the beginning of her professional career. Accustomed and delighted with teamwork, she has developed her professional career working in groups of multidisciplinary people of diverse nationalities and cultures, in which Coaching has been a fundamental tool for her management. She is also a trainer for trainers, Communicator and Advanced Bronze Leader as well as the president of the Toastmaster PTA speaking group. Due to her growing curiosity and being in love with the possibility of helping other people to progress, she decided to train through the European Coaching Institute with certification by the International Coach Federation and the Spanish Coaching Association. Moreover, she is a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator by the hand of Robert Ramussen, the creator of the methodology.
Regarding her work experience, she has already more than 150h Hours of LSP sessions and 350Hours of personal coaching.
Furthermore, Laura can take pride in completing many professional trainings, to name just a few, International Gold Coaching Expert Certification, Specialization in executive and team coaching, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator, ALBA EMOTING CRAFTS OF EMOTIONS EMOTIONAL COACHING WORKSHOP, Introductory Course to Mindfulness, Intensive Course for high performance teams, Art and Science of the effective management of the “Change” methodology DBM, Certification in Silva Method, Luis Pérez.
Finally, Laura holds Bachelor Degree in Sciences of the Sea, Master in Environmental Engineering and Management, Master in SHE, 3 specialties and MBA of the EAE Business School.



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