Jose Antonio Domingo


José Antonio Domingo holds an advanced degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Seville. Passionate about innovative training. Partner in the LEGO Education ROBOTIX scheme in the province of Malaga. Founding partner of HABILITAS EDUCACION S.L.  He has been the Technical Director of ROBOTIX Malaga since 2013 and is developing their activity mainly in the areas of training and the development of new training programmes.
His professional career was previously centred in the area of Industrial Operations, more specifically on production processes, their continuous improvement and how to re-engineer them, together with staff management of around 900 people. He was responsible for Production, the areas of Machine and Plant Maintenance and the area of Plant Engineering. Over the years he has developed the technical knowledge required by these areas, together with other skills which are no less important, such as focus on results, how to be proactive, team work, ability to work under pressure and management of change.

Julieta Yudica is a foreign language teacher (English) with a higher education background in Computer Engineering. She is a LEGO Education ROBOTIX facilitator with over 5 years of experience.






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