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Craft activity has played an important role in the socio-economic and cultural life of Seville over the centuries, with ceramics being one of the most important and representative, especially in the Triana neighbourhood.Despite the fact that the large historical ceramic factories have disappeared, leaving only small workshops, ceramics continues to be a symbol of the identity of Seville and above all of Triana. Triana’s habitants collaborate daily in giving value to this rich cultural legacy and prevent it from falling into oblivion.The aim of this course, of a theoretical and practical nature, is to introduce participants to the world of Sevillian ceramics.

The course will be run by experts in the field, with the aim of learning about the subject from the perspective of the different disciplines which, in one way or another, are related to the sector: anthropology, craftsmanship, architecture, construction, urban planning, etc.The high practical component of this course will allow students to broaden their knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way.The course is aimed at all those who wish to learn and deepen their knowledge of ceramics: teachers of different artistic disciplines, crafts, constructions, building restoration workers, etc.


    • Knowledge of the history of Seville and Triana, and its historical and artistic heritage,
    • Knowledge of the history of Sevillian architecture and its ceramic ornamentation,
    • Knowledge of the social and cultural anthropology of Spanish craftsmanship,
    • Ability to produce ceramic pieces using different techniques,
    • Ability to carry out artistic works of mural ornamentation, of technical and artistic quality, based on one’s own project or on a specific professional commissioned project,
    • Ability to develop one’s own creativity and that of others.



Historical introduction to ceramics in Seville and Triana. The protection of cultural heritage.

Traditional ceramic production techniques.

Visit to the Alcazar.


Decoration of tiles with the smooth covering technique.

Decoration of tiles using the sgraffito technique.

Visit to the Triana Ceramics Centre.


Decoration of tiles with the dry rope technique.

Decoration of tiles using the technique of edged tiles.

Visit to the ceramic heritage of Triana.


Cultural anthropology of Spain (with special emphasis on Sevillian architecture and crafts).

Visit at Spanish Square and Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.


Demonstration of pottery and the making of pieces.

Demonstration of casting moulds and squeeze moulds.

Making of pieces applied to the wall with slabs.

Visit to regionalist buildings in Avenida Constitución.


The methodology used is a mixture of theoretical training and practical training in specific workshops on the subject. In addition, the training is completed with visits to heritage sites where ceramics play an important role.


By completing the course the participants will be able to:

    • Appreciate the handicraft and artistic quality of local ceramic production,
    • Identify the different traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques,
    • Manufacture their own ceramic pieces using the different means of production,
    • Identify the different artistic styles present in the architectural heritage of Seville and their influence on local and national history and culture.


09.10.2023 > 13.10.2023
30.10.2023 > 03.11.2023
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02.12.2024 > 06.12.2024

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