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The main goals of climate change education include building a sustainable future, inspiring action, and making an impact on a collective and personal level.
The main goal of this course is to gain an in-depth understanding of climate change, but also to change our own behaviour and actions to impact our school and students.

But where does climate change even fit into the curriculum? Comprehensive learning is not only based on theory and concepts, but is closely related to seeing the future, understanding complex relationships between events, and implementing the knowledge gained.


By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop of participants’ knowledge, skills and competencies related to sustainability.
  • Increased knowledge of methodology and a framework for teaching Climate Change.
  • Deeper understanding on Sustainability and Climate Change and how to approach it in the classroom.
  • Improved sense of international cooperation.
  • Creating own exercises, lessons plans and other materials.
  • Knowing ways in which learners’ achievements can be tested and assessed in the topic.
  • Broader understanding of practices, policies and systems on environment and sustainability education in Europe.
  • Increased awareness of the link between environmental and social phenomena.
  • Knowing practical tools suitable for teaching the subject, including visual tools, Internet and multi-media.


  • Day 1: Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals

Getting to know each other + introduction to the course

The biggest challenges in the world today

The concept os Sustainable Development

The Millenium Development Goals

UN´s AGENDA 2030 and 17 SDG´S: a roadmap for a better world

  • Day 2: Planet

Anthropocene: our impact on planet earth

Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming

Measuring our footprint

The importance of the oceans

Biodiversity and how to protect it

Field trip

  • Day 3: People & Prosperity

Social equality: human rights, gender equality

Economic inequality: unequal distribution between and within countries

Economic development, work and industry

Urbanization: sustainable cities

Health in modern society

Consumer habits: the amount of waste we generate

  • Day 4: Peace & Partnerships

6 big transformations to change the world

The power of partnerships

Justice for all

Strong institutions

Field trip

  • Day 5: Education & The implementation of SDG´S

Education for Sustainable development

How to implement sustainability in the classroom: Commitment- Diagnosis- Integration_ Evaluation_ Communication

Practical guide + methodologies

Inspiring resources and examples

Getting started on a plan

Conclusions + farewell celebration


The course is designed to be practical, while the theoretical topics focus on key concepts and strategies for implementation in a variety of schools and classrooms.

The practical portions of the course are related to group experiences and needs and are based on teamwork, both in pairs and with group projects.

Participants will practice trying to implement this topic in different disciplines.

The course concludes with a reflection on learning outcomes and an evaluation session.


  • Verifying and developing your pedagogical and communication skills.
  • Improving the perspectives and development opportunities of each student.
  • Giving possibility to attract students more by presenting topic in a more interesting and appealing way.
  • Increasing motivation for professional development.
  • Reaching even the most demanding students in an easier way.
  • Managing feelings and conflicts by focusing on solutions.
  • Cooperating with teachers as well as with students and parents.
  • Promoting group work and long-term projects to provoke changes which will allow to take off unnecessary burden off the shoulders of the educational staff and exert greater impact on the learning process and more satisfying and stimulating climate of coexistence in the school context.


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