Grażyna Skęczek

On behalf of my colleagues who attended an iDevelop course “ICT: Learning by Doing” in Seville  from 21st August to 25th August 2017 I would like to express my great satisfaction with the course itself and the people engaged in its preparation and execution.

The participants are satisfied with their tutor Mrs Carmen Lucas, her professionalism, knowledge, preparation and assistance as well as the friendly atmosphere she created during the course.

The amount of knowledge and new skills acquired by them is overwhelming and defiantly will not be wasted. The participants are eager to put some of them into practice in our school and their classes, not to mention their own free time. All of them were astonished and positively shocked that despite such high temperatures in Seville they were working really hard and managed to cover all the skills and apps planned in the course schedule. Now, we know that it was possible due to your perfect organization and the people involved – Mrs Carmen Lucas, Miss Paulina Majkowska, Ms Ani (from Bulgaria), Mr Alberto (driver) and others whom we didn’t meet.

That’s why we would like once more to thank you for everything- the course, the teacher, the organizers, the helpers, the accommodation in Calle Sorda, your hospitality and the atmosphere your team created. Everything was perfect for us and possibly we would like to repeat the experience in the future.

Grażyna Skęczek. Zespół Szkół Technicznych i Licealnych Czechowice-Dziedzice

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