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Are you interested in different dates? You can propose your own dates as long as your group is composed of at least 5 participants.


Assistance in project preparation

Is it your first time applying for an Erasmus+ grant? iDevelop can guide you step by step through the whole process completely free of charge. 

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Tailor-made courses

Can’t you find a topic of your interest? We are open to new proposals! Tailored-made courses can be designed for groups of at least 5 participants.


ICT: Learning by Doing

Facing ICT in classroom, feeling that pupils feel more comfortable with technology than we are, is quite challenging for teachers. Devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones seem to be a muddy environment to run into without help.

Drama as an educational tool

Drama is a performing art, an outlet for self-expression, and a way of learning. Acquire competences and abilities to coordinate and energise groups in terms of emotional management in a fun and creative way.

Parents & Teachers

Studies show that if parents and teachers cooperate well the students get better results at school, got to school more regularly, their behaviour improves, and also have more positive attitude towards the school as an institution and to one another.


EZ Robot
Educational Robotics: Gamifying the Classroom

Computing is a creative human activity that engenders innovation and promotes exploration among students.

Social media

Parents & Teachers: Building Bridges

Useful strategies for effective cooperation between family & school through group exchange.

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Emotional Ecology

Find out the key elements of the functioning of young people to create emotionally balanced class environments.

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It was for me the best experience I have had since I began working as a teacher. Ana, the tutor, is extremely knowledgeable and give us answer to all the questions. Moreover, she understood our needs and adapted the course accordingly. Thanks to that we finished the course with a set plan which we're going to incorporate starting next Monday. I definitely recommend the course as it's very practical. Some people found totally new approaches (regardless of their experience), and some even found simply new meaning to their work. It couldn't have been done without iDevelop as a whole. Amazing!

Bartek Wilimborek - Poland.

About: All children are Special Course

By participating in this education I gained new knowledge, developed new methods and ways to encourage a child to be a creative thinker, to think critically and to solve problems in everyday situations. The course was created in a way which participants through their lectures, group and individual work, through their thoughts about themselves, their own life, their work, and their methods of work themselves, stimulate their creativity, critical thinking and ultimately solve problems. An affordable, simple, spontaneous and above all professional course leader, through a good organization of...Read more

Ana-Marija Borko - Croatia

About: Creative & Critical Mind Course

It has been a very interesting experience through which I have learned a lot of things that I am going to apply within my school. The training offered us a modern approach of the learning activities, which are appealing to our students. All the activities were very well organised.

Madalina Craioveanu - Romania

About: Moodle 3. Introduction for teachers Course

I attended this course last December and I totally recommend it. Thank you Karolina for your excellent job, a very interesting course with real application to school.

Alexandra Grapsa - Greece

About: Parents & Teachers: building bridges Course


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