7 Tips for a Successfull Online Classroom

How is being your experience with designing and delivering online classes?

Would you like to share how are you managing your online classes? Do you have some tips to share with other teachers? Are you enjoying them more than you thought or are you experiencing many technical problems? How are your students responding?

1. Are we all on the same page?

We encourage you to often chek up with your students if they understand. They are adapting as well to a completely new way of learning and they may be experiencing difficulties… and also technical difficulties.

2. Record the class

This may seem like a hassle, but consider the amount of time you will safe afterwards if your students are able to see the class in order to answer their questions. The amount of messages/emails with questions will be significatively less and you will be less stressed and able to focus on the next online class content.

3. What about homework?

Create libraries and pathfinders to use as part of assignments, then ask your students to quote from them as part of their homework.

4. Keep Gamifying your classroom!

Offer a different perspective to study the daily subject or vary the type of assignments. Keep in mind that they are at home, looking for something to do with their time, not only your students, but the whole family. What a wonderful opportunity to try and include the rest of the family in the class projects.

5. Consider new evaluation processes 

We are currently in an adaptation stage to this new situation, as students and teachers get used to the new tasks, and gradually learn to manage the new tools for communication and online classes. Once the situation is more stable, then the regular evaluation tools won’t be possible to be applied and teachers will need to consider other aspects into the evaluation process.

6. A stronger teacher community than ever 

You are not alone, but you are part of an amazing  group of professionals. Maybe your strenght is the IT tools, but your colleague is the most creative when it comes to homework assignments. However, your other colleague sees very clearly the most effective way to evaluate students in this situation, etc. There are so many amazing tools to have online meetings, make the most of them, brainstorm, rely on each other… you are not alone!

7. You’re doing a great job! 

Your experience may be okay or not so pleasant, but one thing is for sure: we are all getting out of the “stay at home” period way more ICT skilled and, no matter what, you are doing an excellent job! Keep it up!


6 April, 2020

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