CLIL is in the air

‘CLIL’ stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning

First, the main idea is that students will develop their language skills faster and more effectively if the new language is the tool to learn other subjects as well.
Our goal is that the new language is learnt in the most natural way possible, and the key for this to actually happen is that the students feel engaged with the learning process. As a result, the more interested students are in the task, the harder they will try to understand and use the new language. 

Can learn a new language be actually fun?

In this video, the speaker talks about the different and unique methods different polyglots used to learn new languages and people can certainly get very creative and devoted when they have an objective! These examples of “home-made” techniques are hilarious, and yet, effective to some extent.

In our course “CLIL for Success”, you will discover how to plan, teach, and assess in a CLIL context. Design theory and practise more effectively and cover the learning outcomes of your class. Although at first this method can seem boring, it has a lot to do with creativity, fun and imagination. With iDevelop, something you were kind of avoiding can turn into your favourite subject.

The Secret to Learn New Languages

Have you tried CLIL in your classroom yet? We would love to hear about their reactions and the kind of activities you perform in class.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

28 August, 2019

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