Little Einstein

Little Einstein

School is for everyone, is it?

Considered one of the smartest and most influential people to have ever lived, Einstein was not a brilliant student. He didn’t seem to “fit” at school. Have you noticed? The next most influential person could be in your class right now

If only they could say that they loved their school years!

The only limit to the pursuit of dreams is our own imagination. iDevelop’s main goal is to give you the tools to enhance your students’ skills through communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.
Are you ready? Be the teacher that you want to be. ?

‘Wisdom begins in wonder’. Sócrates.

Prepare your students for real world careers and challenges. Encourage them to become 21st-century problem solvers and provide them with up-to-date tools to do so.

The experiential and communicative approach of this course will enable you to conduct a creative and critical thinking class. Your students will surrender to no challenge!

Learn more about Einstein and his way to success

11 September, 2019

2 responses on "Little Einstein"

  1. Our topic is special children like Einstein who have special needs for their educational improvement.I think your training course will be much influential and useful for our approaches to pupils.We appreciate if you accept us four your course.Thank you very much.

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