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About Sevilla

Seville is one of the most charming and fascinating cities in Spain. It is famous all the world because of its culture, architecture, traditions and festivals. Interesting to mention that it is a birthplace of Flamenco and the place where indescribably beautiful processions related to particular festivals take place.

The rich history of Seville is felt right at the moments when you enter the city, the undeniable proof of which are the monuments and building spread all over the city. Seville possesses its magic charm and casts it spell on each and everyone.

Calle Astronomía 1, Tower 3 – Office 10

Sevilla (Spain)



 +34 955 220 932


About Malaga

Málaga is not only a nightlife and shopping haven by the beach – it is also an ideal place for lovers of history, art and architecture. The city is located on the Costa del Sol, one of the most beautiful coastlines in Spain famous for its sandy beaches.

Moreover, Málaga is one of the oldest cities in the world and has a number of beautiful monuments, historically and artistically speaking, remember that Pablo Picasso was born here!

Malaga’s numerous universities and other educational institutions make it the one of the cities of science and education.

The city’s vibrant touristic and industrial as well as expanding service sector is the lifeblood of local economy.

Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz 10, Ed. Galaxia, 2nd Floor, Office 17

Malaga (Spain)




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Tel. +34 955 220 932 / +34 656393065
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Calle Astronomía, 1
Seville (Spain)


Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 10
Malaga (Spain)

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