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About Sevilla

Under the shadow of over 20000 orange trees, Sevilla is one of the most charming and fascinating cities in Spain. Our culture, architecture, traditions and festivals, like the April Fair or the processions during the Holy Week, make us famous all over the world. Get lost in the narrow, winding streets of the old quarter and discover the most beautiful hidden spots.

Sevilla is home to the second most important picture gallery in Spain right after the Prado Museum. Have you ever attended a Flamenco show? This is the perfect occasion. In the popular neighbourhood of Triana you will discover the history of those buildings covered in beautiful tiles and ceramics while enjoying delicious tapas. The perfect week to learn, share and become the teacher that you want to be.

Regardless the time of the year you choose to visit us, Sevilla will take your breath away.

Calle Astronomía 1, Tower 3 – Office 10

Sevilla (Spain)



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About Málaga

Located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Spain, Costa del Sol, Málaga enjoys over 300 days of sun a year. Málaga is not only a nightlife and shopping haven by the sea – it is also an ideal place for history, art and architecture lovers.

Málaga is home to over 30 museums, like the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the Russian Art Museum, among others. Creative, historical, vibrant, and bright, Málaga will add so much to your experience: the perfect location to meet international colleagues, renew your motivation, and discover how far you can get.

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was born here? The Mediterranean breeze lived forever in his heart, and so will in yours.

Calle Huéscar, 5, Edificio Galaxia, 2. Floor, Local 17

Málaga (Spain)




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Calle Astronomía, 1
Seville (Spain)


Calle Huéscar, 5
Malaga (Spain)

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