Located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Spain, Costa del Sol, Málaga enjoys over 300 days of sun a year. Málaga is not only a nightlife and shopping haven by the sea – it is also an ideal place for history, art and architecture lovers.

Málaga is home to over 30 museums, like the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the Russian Art Museum, among others. Creative, historical, vibrant, and bright, Málaga will add so much to your experience: the perfect location to meet international colleagues, renew your motivation, and discover how far you can get.


  • Picasso Museum — Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga, the city where he was born! Both its permanent collection and its temporary exhibitions are very rich and diverse and will allow you to have a better understanding of the most internationally known artist from Malaga’s work.


  • Malaga Cathedral — The cathedral is a synthesis of architectural styles among which the Renaissance prevails over the first Gothic of the old factory and the Baroque elements added from the beginning of the XVII century. It is located within the limits marked by the disappeared Arab wall on the site of the original Aljama mosque, the place where the Catholic Monarchs Isabel and Fernando ordered the erection of a Christian temple a few days after conquering the city in 1487.


  • Boat Trip  An attractive alternative for those who want to see the beautiful Malaga in an original way. A cruise on the Mediterranean Sea will allow you to see the city´s charm from a different perspective. La Pinta Cruceros is a company with a wealth of experience, offering sailing services for over 9 years. The harbour from which the ship departs is located in the renovated Muelle Uno harbour at the first landing marina. Excursions take place on the ship Mary Second, which has a spacious, open terrace including a relaxation area with comfortable seats and pouffees. With a bit of luck, during the cruise, the dolphins of this city may accompany you.


  • Spanish churros — “¡Un chocolate con churros, por favor!” Crispy on the outside, soft inside, they are a type of Spanish doughnut that are called churros. They are a sweet treat usually eaten for breakfast or afternoon tea. A dollop of flour, oil and sugar is squeezed into deep oil which gives us a longitudinal bake with a star-shaped cross-section. Traditionally, they are served with hot, thick chocolate or coffee.


  • Tapas Evening — Going out for tapas is a great opportunity to try local Spanish cuisine, get to know the idevelop’s team and have a good time. Tapas are small portions of food served with a drink. The idevelop’s team will take you to one of the local bars, so that you can taste some Spanish delicacies and experience the famous, Spanish, social atmosphere. The coordinator will reserve places for the group and help participants to choose and order something delicious to eat and drink.


  • Sea Life Oceanarium — In Benalmadena, a town about 30km from Malaga, there are 36 amazing tanks waiting for you, home to sharks, sting rays, turtles, seahorses and much more. The Aquarium is divided into 4 zones, which will allow you to discover and explore the underwater world of animals. An interactive zone where you can touch starfish or feed stingrays, the Mediterranean zone, the Jurassic Canal, and the Coral Reef zone. All these attractions are waiting for you at the Oceanarium in Benalmadena. An unforgettable experience that will keep your group entertained, even on the rare rainy days.


Calle Teniente Segalerva Ruiz 8 – Málaga 29014