Under the shadow of over 20000 orange trees, Sevilla is one of the most charming and fascinating cities in Spain. Our culture, architecture, traditions and festivals, like the April Fair or the processions during the Holy Week, make us famous all over the world. Get lost in the narrow, winding streets of the old quarter and discover the most beautiful hidden spots.

Sevilla is home to the second most important picture gallery in Spain right after the Prado Museum. Have you ever attended a Flamenco show? This is the perfect occasion. In the popular neighbourhood of Triana you will discover the history of those buildings covered in beautiful tiles and ceramics while enjoying delicious tapas. The perfect week to learn, share and become the teacher that you want to be.

Regardless of the time of the year you choose to visit us, Sevilla will take your breath away.


  • Cathedral — Seville’s cathedral is one of the most picturesque ones in the world. Built on the site of the old mosque of Isbiliya, the Islamic city, it still preserves the old Muslim ablutions courtyard, today called the courtyard of the orange trees. Another of the elements preserved from the Islamic period is the Giralda tower, a genuine symbol of the city of Seville. The cathedral is internationally known for its magnificence: it even has the largest altarpiece in the world!


  • Alcázar — Andalusia stands out for its mix of cultures! The Alcázar of Seville is a good example for that. Built by the Castillian king Pedro I during the XIV centuryon the site of the ancient Abbadid fortress,it offers a magnificent combination of different artistic styles such as mudéjar, gothic and renaissance. Its gardens are famous for appearing in the TV series Game of Thrones as the Kingdom of Dorne!


  • Flamenco — Seville, and more specifically the Triana neighborhood, is the birthplace of flamenco. Who would leave this city without enjoying a flamenco show? Our team will be more than happy to tell you which are the best tablaos where you can enjoy an authentic flamenco show.


  • Ceramics workshop — Sevillian ceramics is one of the most distinguished traditions of the city. You will see that many of the buildings are covered with this ceramic of arabesque and renaissance inspirations, either inside or outside. If you are interested in discovering the secrets of ceramic creation, you can join a real workshop where you can have the opportunity to make your own piece and take it home as a souvenir.


  • Fine Arts Museum — The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville is the largest painting collection in Spain, right after the Prado Museum. You will be delighted by its marvellous collection of baroque artwork: the great masters Velázquez, Murillo and Zurbarán are waiting for you!


  • Tygesa Avenida de Hytasa, 10 3rd floor Go left and then all straight until the end of the hallway.
  • Nervión Calle Marqués de Pickman, 15. First floor.

Other training venues could be assigned. Your coordinator will precise the address and schedule of your course.