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Ana Aurora, in her professional work, focuses on facilitating changes through a set of key elements which serve to improve one’s own well-being, communication, as well as emotions and conflicts management. She works by analyzing the reality from a systemic, practical and brief point of view, providing the resources to analyze and react to problematic situations that allow for greater influence to improve or resolve them.

Ana Aurora possesses a degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Human Resources. She is an expert in Psychotherapy, Conflict Mediation, Family Therapy. Also she can boast an extensive experience in delivering teaching workshops for adults, mainly teachers and families.

What is more, she also works as a psychotherapist in private practice and develops her acercaterapia.es project to give the society the clues for emotional balance, improvement of their relationships and to promote an active and positive attitude to life. In her approach, she is close, committed and transmits her enthusiasm from a realistic point of view.





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Multicultural and Intercultural Education

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Antisocial Behaviour Among Youth

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All children are special

All Children Are Special

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Good learners


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Creative and Critical Mind

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