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Cristina Domínguez Vázquez is an actress, clown, theatre director and teacher. Her professional career as an actress started in 2006 in Dos Lunas Theatre in Seville. Afterwards, she continued her training in physical and ritual theatre at several schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two more years, working closely with teachers like recognized Cristina Martí, Alejandro Catalán, Clodet García, Marilen Garavelli.
Later in Spain she continued developing her clown and senses theatre skills in Barcelona with professional like Lila Monti, Laura Hertz, Pepa-Díaz Meco y Anton Valen.
After graduating in Social Theatre and Socioeducative Intervention in 2009, she started her career as a teacher specialising in Theatre applied to Education. She has been working closely with children and teenagers in different centres from poor areas in Seville and teaching her methodology to other teachers. She has a permanent collaboration with different Universities from Spain and Germany, with the Faculty of Education in the University of Seville and the Faculty of Work and Social Education of the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville).
For 9 years, she has been able to combine her work as a teacher of Spontaneous Theatre and Playback Theatre with other works as an actress and theatre director in different companies in Seville (2007-2009), Buenos Aires (2009-2010) and Santiago de Chile (2009).
She also graduated in Business Management and is currently developing her studies in Psicodrama in the school Rojas Bermúdez in Seville. Since 2012 she has been running her own company, TransCrea, where she offers specialized training in transformation theatres as well as in her own dramatic-creative pedagogy aimed at children and teenagers.





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