Karolina Kochanowska



Karolina graduated from Master studies of Sociology and Psychology at the University of Warsaw. She has worked as a project coordinator as well as in the fields of human rights and non-formal education in organizations like: YMCA, Amnesty International and Forum for Dialogue. She is a professional trainer of the NGO Trainers’ Association (STOP) and a certificated educator of applied drama. During her stay in Spain, she completed Mindfulness studies at the Baraka Institute of Integral Psychology and graduated from 1st grade of Psychodrama at the Moreno Centre in Granada. Thanks to her rich experience she has the theoretical and practical background needed to carry out workshops on group processes and interactions.



Tel. +34 955 220 932 / +34 656393065
Email. info@idevelopcourses.com
PIC number: 948 98 72 79


Calle Astronomía, 1
Seville (Spain)


Calle Huéscar, 5
Malaga (Spain)

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