Magdalena Tworek


Magdalena Tworek is a graduate of Public Policy and Administration Collegium Civitas. Manager, Sociologist, Life and Business Coach. Currently cooperates with amount of 40 sales managers from international companies. From 2015 she began private practice; she conducts individual coaching sessions and creates proprietary training programs. Hours of training conducted by Magda amount to 800 hours of training only in 2015.
Currently in the process of accreditation ACC (ICF). In her private practise she cares about the development of woman and support woman in business. Furthermore she makes campaign dedicated to women, like: ‘Fit your bra and fit your brain by coaching’, ‘Coaching space in work-life balance’, ‘High Heels Experience in Business’.  As an experienced Manager in wellness sector she also developed a programme: ‘A high level of customer service’ dedicated to all companies where customer service is the most important part, like wellness and spa sector, beauty and hair spa.




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