Nuno Miguel Martins



Nuno Miguel Martins is a teacher of English and Portuguese language. He graduated from University of Algarve (Portugal) in 1997. Between 2006 and 2009 he completed his master degree at the University of Aveiro in Educational Multimedia. He was an associate teacher at the same University in 2011 for the same master degree, where he taught Interactional Design.

Between, 2011 and 2012 Nuno was a teacher trainer for the Ministry of Education and Science of Portugal. During that time, there was a Technological Plan for Education and he was responsible for conducting workshops for teachers by leading them to use IWB in English Teaching.



Tel. +34 955 220 932 / +34 656393065
Email. info@idevelopcourses.com
PIC number: 948 98 72 79


Calle Astronomía, 1
Seville (Spain)


Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 10
Malaga (Spain)

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