Mindfulness makes the difference

A bad experience during lunch break or in the hallways can unbalance a student for the rest of the day┬á­čś×┬áChange your students’ energy and bring them back to a calm state of mind with a short Mindfulness session.

Have a look at this video and listen to the testimonials of the children themselves.

The way in which this teacher conducts it is just an example: there are techniques for all kinds of professors, for all kinds of students, regardless of their age, country, background. The benefits of Mindfulness in education are infinite.

ԺɴŞĆ┬áCheck out our Mindfulness Techniques Training for Teachers and upcoming dates at┬áhttps://idevelopcourses.com/ÔÇŽ/mindfulness-based-stress-redÔÇŽ/
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12 August, 2019

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