Mindfulness makes the difference

Is there a place for mindfulness at schools?

A bad experience during lunch break or in the hallways can unbalance a student for the rest of the day ? Change your students’ energy and bring them back to a calm state of mind with a short Mindfulness session.

Have a look at this video and listen to the testimonials of the children themselves.

A radical new way of seeing life

Mindfulness is the ability to cultivate direct, open-hearted awareness to what is going on in and around you in the present moment, without judging or getting carried away by the pressures of everyday life.

The objective of learning the practice of Mindfulness

Provide your students with the necessary tools which you can gradually incorporate naturally into your everyday life. Help them to know themselves better, to live a fuller life, to increase creativity and concentration and to live with a more attentive attitude to present life.

As teachers, Mindfulness is an outstanding tool to help your students cultivate being present: presence of mind, presence of heart, and presence in the body, qualities that we don’t usually cultivate intentionally. Inner calm and mindfulness are needed in order to improve children’s performance and, as teachers, to be able to teach well. Why not start training these capacities at an early age?

The way in which this teacher conducts it is just an example: there are techniques for all kinds of professors, for all kinds of students, regardless of their age, country, background. The benefits of Mindfulness in education are infinite.

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12 August, 2019

2 responses on "Mindfulness makes the difference"

  1. We are very interested in your course.Our topic is special children,in other words;disadvantaged pupils and I believe that mindfullness is will be so effective and useful for our educational approach.We appreciate if you accept us for your training.Thank you very much.

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