Never enough Drama

Our creative and fun workshop¬†ūüé≠“Drama as an educational tool”ūüé≠¬†is starting September 16th, so we are all in the mood for stories, history and theatreūüé™

You can never have enough drama

The aim of this workshop is for teachers to acquire both competencies and skills to coordinate and energize groups in terms of emotional management in a fun and creative way or drama and expressive tools to be applied in different educational contexts. These techniques are useful to teach contents in the most appropriate way as well as to help students develop their emotional intelligence. The implementation of these techniques will boost participation and motivation in the classroom, cooperative spirit, conflict resolution skills in-situ and reinforcement of the teacher-student relationship, among others.

Artistic ways of transmitting knowledge

Short clips are a colourful and entertaining way of learning, for example, about Greek mythology¬†ūüŹõ

ūü騬†The Myth of Aracne

Have you tried to introduce these topics to your students yet? We would love to hear about their reactions and the kind of activities you perform in class.
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11 September, 2019

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