Ana-Marija Borko

By participating in this education I gained new knowledge, developed new methods and ways to encourage a child to be a creative thinker, to think critically and to solve problems in everyday situations. The course was created in a way which participants through their lectures, group and individual work, through their thoughts about themselves, their own life, their work, and their methods of work themselves, stimulate their creativity, critical thinking and ultimately solve problems. An affordable, simple, spontaneous and above all professional course leader, through a good organization of the course, enabled me to feel comfortable through all days of the course. I have acquired the knowledge and skills applicable in my current work (preschool teacher) and motivation for my professional development.

Ana-Marija Borko - Croatia About: Creative & Critical Mind Course


Tel. +34 955 220 932 / +34 656393065
PIC number: 948 98 72 79


Calle Astronomía, 1
Seville (Spain)


Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 10
Malaga (Spain)

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