Looking at the Bright Side

And just when we thought being a teacher could not be more challenging…

Dear Teachers,

These are very challenging days for you, since you have been asked to change your methods overnight, your way of communicating with your colleagues, students and their parents, and your daily routines.

👏From iDevelop we send you a big applause and all best wishes and, hoping that your loved ones and yourself are in good health, we would like to invite to look at the bright side of this strange situation we are living.👏

Looking at the bright side

Ourselves and our children are “forced” to do less homework, and to spend more hours a day sharing, playing, cooking,resting, taking up new hobbies… 🎨🧩

I was re-watching the clip below after a long time and thinking that so many people, including children, will get passionate about something during these “stay at home” days, and may gradually resume their daily routines fully rested, after having learned and enjoyed many activities. 🙂

Why Finland has the best Education System in the world

We are all pulling through this while reconsidering what is really important and giving a new meaning to happiness and productivity, which may lead to many positive changes as we resume our regular activities.👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Stay safe, stay positive: you are doing a great job! 🧡

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6 April, 2020

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