The Internet of (my) things

Close your eyes and recall the first day of the school year… neat and clean classrooms, and look at your desk! Shiny and bright. Open your eyes now. How could all that clutter pile up all over the place? By the end of the school year, your life as a teacher includes moving around the furniture the same piles of papers, doesn’t it?

Learn with iDevelop how to prevent this from happening again. Be greener, more organized, and enhance your Digital Competences with our courses Digital Classroom and Educational Robotics.
However, you may think you would never be able to transmit this kind of knowledge to children anyways. Well, someone already thought about that.
Have a look at this clip and discover how to introduce ICT tools, the Internet of Things and even programming to young students.
Children will be passionate about computers if you are able to enjoy computers as well. That’s right, kids are the future… they will build the future with technology.?

A delightful way to teach children about computers

Have you tried to introduced these topics to your students yet? We would love to hear about their reactions and the kind of activities you perform in class.
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14 August, 2019

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