Using Drama in the Classroom

Drama can be a valuable teaching tool that, integrating it in the curriculum, can help children in various ways.

But, what is Drama? Drama is any text written with the purpose of portraying a story through dialogue and typically intended to be performed in front of an audience.

Teachers can promote learning in the classroom with a range of various drama activities which can encourage, among others, the development of speaking, listening and comprehension skills. These skills can be acquired by using a text through role playing, interacting with others, visualizing events, concepts, and information, and dramatizing the experiences of fictional and real-life characters.

But there are many other benefits to consider when thinking about integration of Drama in the classroom:

  1. Drama is part of real life and prepares students to deal with life’s problems.
  2. Drama develops verbal and nonverbal communication. Students practice and build upon various communication skills through the use of body language, facial expressions and different voices.
  3. Drama develops empathy and new perspectives, gaining social skills through group problem solving, listening to different points of views, respecting, and perhaps acting on another’s proposals, and expressing compassion.
  4. Drama is entertaining. Fun is learning, and learning is fun. If we remember this and try to incorporate fun in our teaching, our students will definitely enjoy the learning process
  5. Drama offers a learning avenue that enhances other areas of the curriculum. Drama can be used as a teaching and learning tool to help students make meaning of a number of skills they need to be a well rounded individual. It further allows them to experience and explore the world around them through different characters and roles, further building on their relationship with others and things.
  6. Drama develops appreciation for the art of drama and theater.

And how can we integrate Drama in our lessons?

In the following link you will get some ideas to incorporate drama in an ESL classroom:


Kilgour J. and Kaplan, S. Teaching Drama in the classroom. A Toolbox for teachers:

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30 May, 2019

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