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Suggest your own dates

Are you interested in different dates? You can propose your own dates as long as your group is composed of at least 5 participants.


Assistance in project preparation

Is it your first time applying for an Erasmus+ grant? iDevelop can guide you step by step through the whole process completely free of charge. 

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Tailor-made courses

Can’t you find a topic of your interest? We are open to new proposals! Tailored-made courses can be designed for groups of at least 5 participants.


ICT: Learning by Doing

Facing ICT in classroom, feeling that students feel more comfortable with technology than we are, is quite challenging for teachers. Devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones, with multiple operating systems and thousand of apps seem to be a muddy environment to run into without help.

Moodle 3.0

Moodle is an open source software package for creating and managing e-learning courses through the Internet. Most educational institutions today use some kind of e-learning platform and a great majority of them use Moodle for their online campus.

parents and sons
Parents & Teachers

Many different studies show that if parents and teachers cooperate then the students get better results at school, got to school more regularly, their behavior improves, and also have more positive attitude towards the school as an institution and to one another.




After this course I have learnt I shall cut the silence in my class, I shall create a safe atmosphere in the class with a creative base so that students can speak to each other without the internet and their phones. I shall focus more on team working and group reflection. That is my commitment after this creative workshop.

Seija Oikarinen · Finland

About Creative & Critical Mind Course

The first day when I arrived here I didn’t know what I was going to find beyond this door. I was really surprised. Now, back in my school my commitment is: “Only by giving you will acquire.” I will use with my students what I learnt here about body language. I learnt it is very important how you transmit the message to them. My classes were already organized in groups and based on discussions but I want to introduce in my lessons the Socrative method of questioning. After this course, my final commitment is to focus my lessons on Magic Land and use originality, fluency, flexibility and...Read more

Ionut Mura · Romania

About Creative & Critical Mind Course

I was very positively surprised because I could feel very connected with the group and with the subject. After this course, my commitment is based on patience, love and understanding, both at a personal and professional level.

Edita Ursic · Slovenia

About Creative & Critical Mind Course

This course satisfied all my expectations and went even beyond. I want to thank Ana Aurora, the tutor of this course, for her attitude, punctuality, energy and hard working. Thanks to her energy I could realize that I can reflect my attitude and energy also among my students.

Serran Ayhan · Turkey

About Motivation+ Course


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