Computing is a creative human activity that engenders innovation and promotes exploration among students.

Location: Sevilla | Duration: 5 days


Computing is a creative human activity that engenders innovation and promotes exploration among students. It can change the way children think, what they learn, and how they interact with peers and adults.

Unfortunately, most children use computers only occasionally at school — and usually only when their teachers want to add variety or rewards to the curriculum. Unfortunate children use mostly drill-and-practice software, their teachers stating that their goal for using computers is to increase basic skills rather than develop problem-solving or creative skills (Becker 1990, Hickey 1993).

Scratch and App Inventor is a programming language and an online community where students can program and share interactive materials, stories, games and animations with people around the world. When children create using Scratch they learn how to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically. Its goal is based on boosting logical thinking and introducing children and teenagers with basic programming knowledge and skills by using video games and Smartphone apps.

Since videogames from game consoles like PSP or PlayStation play a pivotal role in many students’ lives, why not taking advantage of them to boost their learning? The proposal is very easy: creating a simple video game using Scratch that introduces teacher to programming and sets the necessary foundations to foster logical and creative thinking.

This course will foster programmes knowledge among teachers that allow them to create animations, stories, games and interactive multimedia activities in an intuitive manner.


It is necessary that the participants bring their laptops with them.


The methodology used is “learning by doing”, a hands-on approach based on research activities.

Therefore, the course has a very practical approach. Each of the participants will have the possibility of creating a game of their own so as to practise Scratch and App Inventor features and be able to pass this knowledge on to their students. Participants will be briefly introduced with a theoretical overview, combined with practice, on programming without code by means of using blocks.

Participants will get a critical overview of the different kind of tools that might be used regarding the learning objectives in each context; they will be able to choose the best tools according to the educational circumstances.


Learning Outcomes

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Acquire new competences that enable them to improve their students’ knowledge and skills.
  2. Introduce their students programming languages and the digital era.
  3. Develop new teaching methods and programming tools to improve their teaching and their students’ learning.
  4. Improve their digital competences and skills.
  5. Generate new job expectations among their students.
  6. Stimulate logical thinking and introduce basic knowledge on IT programming through video games and mobile phone apps.
  7. Create interactive their own Smartphone app with App Inventor.
  8. Get a general overview on how to use technology for teaching/learning.
  9. Get a critical view of the different tools they can use depending on the learning objectives – they will be able to choose the best tools according to different educational contexts.
  10. Get a practical introduction to programming without code by using blocks.

How can the acquired skills be applied in your work?

The skills acquired by the participants during the course can be used to:

  1. Foster the use of programmes to create stories, games and activities in an intuitive manner.
  2. Make more engaging and motivating activities for students.
  3. Pulse the real state of the knowledge students have acquired.
  4. Be more effective as teachers, by spending more time on students rather than bureaucracy.
  5. Offer students more support on ICT.
  6. Introduce students with programming language basics.
  7. Improve their electronic design and layout skills.
  8. Acquire new competences on audio and video edition.

Day 1 (5 hours)


  • Installation and use of App Inventor programming language.
  • How to start creating your own Android app.
  • Using graphics and sound in your Smartphone apps.
  • Multiscreen use for your own apps.
  • Working with GPS connection in your Smartphone.

Day 2 (5 hours)



  • Providing teachers with support documents and materials on programming which may be used with students to develop their own projects.
  • Knowing the main options and functions in Scratch interface.
  • Creating a simple programme in Scratch.


  • Motion description in blocks: steps, degrees and positions.
  • The first sounds.
  • Projects with pen figures.
  • Guided activity.
  • Compulsory and extension activities.

Day 3 (5 hours)


  • Discovering blocks one by one.
  • Repetitions or loops.
  • Events and scenes.
  • Comparisons.
  • The first sensor.
  • Compulsory and extension activities.


  • Switching operators
  • Grouping calculations
  • Local and global lists
  • Lists display

Day 4 (5 hours)


  • Exploring robotic sets
  • Connection between robots and scratch
  • Motion and directions

Day 5 (5 hours)


  • Setting up a mobile phone to test your application.
  • Interacting with users, sending text messages and creating questionnaires.
  • Creating business apps.
  • Designing your first Android game.
  • Uploading your app to Google Play for public use.
  • Developing a final project and putting into practice everything acquired during the workshop.

5 day course fee: 350€ 

The total cost includes:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Tuition & training materials
  • Training Certificate
  • Europass Certificate
  • Admin & organizational costs

(*) For courses lasting more or less than 5 days, please contact us to check the fees.

  • Additionally, We can arrange for:
  • Accommodation (hotels & touristic apartments)
  • Trips
  • Social programme
  • Airport transfer
  • Local transport

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