idevelop is an international training provider specialized in the development of professionals working in the education sector by promoting, supporting and providing training activities in accordance with the Erasmus+ principles.

More than 10 years of experience working closely with schools all over Europe have allowed us to reach a deep understanding of the teaching sector’s reality. We focus on today’s major educational topics such as innovative ways of teaching, inclusion and diversity, foreign languages learning, digital transformation, and green initiatives.

idevelop’s main goal is to contribute to the life-long learning of worldwide teachers while encouraging cultural exchanges. Our courses foster the inspiration between teachers coming from different backgrounds in a participatory environment.

All of this, by discovering the amazing Spanish culture and enhancing the European identity!

10 years

of experience

priorities of the Erasmus+ program on which our courses are based

  • Digital transformation.
  • Inclusion and diversity.
  • Green future.
  • Innovative teaching strategies.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • European identity.

OID: E10287374



idevelop team is composed of a group of expert trainers with strong academic and professional background. Our trainers have extensive experience delivering training programmes with excellent results at local, national and international levels and share the same passion for lifelong education and cultural exchange.


“I define myself as a facilitator of changes, aware of the responsibility and transformation power in ourselves, with a systemic perspective of the situation and processes taking place. I propose keys to enhance well-being, communication and management of emotions and conflicts.”


“I’m Alejandro, idevelop trainer. I am a young industrial engineer willing to keep learning, develop my skills and transmit my knowledge and experiences. Thanks to idevelop, I have this opportunity to keep growing and teaching about new digital competences!”


“I’m a professional with over 8 years of experience as robotics trainer of LEGO Education. I studied IT and I’m a trainer in techniques related with education and innovation. I collaborated in the design of workshops for Habilitas Education. In the last 4 years I also participated in training by Google to master their Drive tools.”


“I am Elena Guichot Muñoz, professor of language and literature didactics at the University of Seville. I deeply love education, and observing how communication is a pillar to understand the world. Books, cinema, theatre and sharing with my people are my world.”


“I’m Lisa, half Spanish and half Italian. I have been dancing ballet since I was 9 and when I was 24 I became a certified ballet teacher. I have a degree in Polish and English Philology and I have been teaching Spanish to Polish people since 2018. I love arts, especially painting as both my parents are professional painters.”


“I’m Ana Rueda, a graduate in industrial engineering and the director and teacher of an academy dedicated to STEAM education. I’m passionate about new technologies and teaching.”


“I am Gabriela from Slovakia living in Tenerife, Canary Islands. I am a transformational coach and trainer. I used to work in the business environment and I have been recently focused on training and personal development of individuals and groups. I love working with the mind and emotions and so help people to overcome obstacles with the right techniques.”


“Hello! I’m Iris. I combine various types of psychology based tools in my workshops, such as mindfulness, emotional Management, personality maps, Gestalt art-therapy, meditation in movement, musical therapy, etc. I love focusing on the connection between body, mind and heart.”