Discover different techniques to engage your students in reading and writing. Enhance different communication skills that will help them express themselves and communicate with others more effectively.

Location: Seville, Tenerife | Duration: 5 days


Writing promotes creativity and imagination. It improves students’ ability to come up with alternatives, broadens their thought process, and ultimately leads to success in many areas, including problem solving and analysis. Discover different techniques to engage your students in reading and writing. Enhance different communication skills that will help them express themselves and communicate with others more effectively. In addition, group dynamics and the implementation of music and games will contribute to the cohesion of the group.

Show your students a different way of learning and memorizing contents. Your students will be able to implement these techniques themselves during all their life as students – from primary education to college level.

Only some inspiration and entertaining activities are necessary to make reluctant writers gain confidence and enthusiastic writers obtain the skills to improve the quality of their writing. Creative writing will open the gate to artistic and creative ways of communication and a deeper understanding of texts and assignments.


The methodology used is fully a “learning by doing”,  hands-on approach. The teacher, after explaining the project, becomes a guide, answering questions and helping participants on their learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your students’ writing skills: how to tell our story in our own words.
  • Body techniques to improve awareness and self-expression.
  • Creative writing techniques.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Gestalt techniques.
  • Building up a story: Find your own words.
  • How to use dance&music to find my own way of self-expression.
  • Integrate creative writing in your daily life.
  • Non-traditional methodologies to analyze texts and memorize information.



 How can these skills be applied in your work?

  • Explore new group dynamics for differnet purposes.
  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving.
  • Engage your students in reading and writing and in deep analysis and understanding of the content.
  • Step out of your confort zone implementing new methodologies in the classroom.
  • Improve your own communicative skills and self-expression.
  • Contribute to a better, inclussion-friendly learning atmosphere.
  • Celebrate the discoveries and achievements of your students, no matter how small.
  • Provide your students with powerful resources to reach their maximum potential.
  • Encourage your students to research on their own feelings and needs: emotional ecology
  • Make your students aware of others’ needs and feelings: improve their empathy
  • Help them appreciate and enjoy literature and other artistic form of expression.

Day 1 (5 hours)

-Welcome session

-Background & expectations

-Introductory activities

-Where are we. Starting point.

-What do we want to reach. How are we going to get it.

-Class summary

Day 2 (5 hours)

-Our message: what do I need to express.

-Discovering my own needs.

-How can we express our message?

-Body work & music.

-Class summary

Day 3 (5 hours)

-Body expression.

-Life line.

-Building up my own story.

-Discovering my strenghts.

-Class summary

-Searching for the right words.

-What is it I need to express?

Day 4 (5 hours)

-Embodiment. Work with movement&music.

-Getting to interact with others.

-New methodologies

-Class summary

Day 5 (5 hours)

-Body expression & music: feeling my story.

-Personal discoveries

-Course summary

-Teacher evaluation and group debate.

-Farewell round.

5 day course fee: 350€ 

The total cost includes:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Tuition & training materials
  • Training Certificate
  • Europass Certificate
  • Admin & organizational costs

(*) For courses lasting more or less than 5 days, please contact us to check the fees.

  • Additionally, We can arrange for:
  • Accommodation (hotels & touristic apartments)
  • Trips
  • Social programme
  • Airport transfer
  • Local transport

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