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We all have emotions, we-teachers, our students, colleagues and that sometimes creates tensions in our relationships and communication. We sometimes overreact or simply not feel good the way the way we reacted. On top of it, our mind works on 120% and there seems to be no right way/solution.

Gain the ability to work with the emotions and mind that they work for you, not against you. Gain the ability to solve difficult situation or conflicts with more understanding and calmer way.

Learn how to work with stress, overwhelmed, anger, fear frustration, overthinking and solves the situation more easily, improve your relationships, have more compassion with yourself and your students. Have more balance, emotional well-being and help with the same  your students.


  • Know the different techniques to manage difficult situation
  • Know how to manage emotions and mind to achieve better result in own and student´s behaviour
  • Process information better, improve students’ attention and concentration, teach them to manage their emotions, reduce anxiety and fatigue, reinforce their self-esteem and social skills, boost empathy and improve their academic skills,
  • Learn to process information with a calmer mind
  • Developing skills in conflict resolution.
  • Lower stress and frustration levels in the classroom.
  • Strengthening communication skills, Improve communication skills and the process of building relationships between students, teachers, and the whole educational community.
  • Train the ability to see issues from the perspective of other people
  • To learn about emotional management. Active listening, empathy, acceptance and assertiveness.
  • Become more aware of the impact of teachers on students’ development and lives


  • Day 1: Emotions Introductions


Getting to know each other. Presentation activity where the participants will know each other and group exchange: sharing experiences related to the topic of the workshop

Establishing the common agreement: goals, expectations and fears related to the course


Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 2: Anger

Anger and how to work with anger that it brings value for us

Immature and mature way of expressing anger

Group activity, how to release anger, how to gain maximum from anger and what it can help with

Anger in my students, how to work with it and how to calm down

Group reflections. Day conclusions.

  • Day 3: Stress and overwhelmed

Stress and how to release it

Stress release techniques

Group activity, overwhelmed, visualization

Tapping for stress/ overwhelmed

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 4: My mind, My friends, Fear

Group activity, overthinking- why and what to do

Group activity, my mind friend- how mind can work for me

Fears and obstacles, how to overcome it

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 5: Emotion and Relax

Group activity, painting and emotions, Institutions, Compassion and acceptance

Group activity, relax, creativity and empty box

Group reflection. Day conclusions


The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs.

The training will follow mainly practical approaches; visualisations, tapping, emotion work, group activities and coaching tools as part of the course, the participants will learn how to implement these techniques in the various phases of their daily routines.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the emotions and mind work, how to work with them and achieve more win win situation in daily life
  • Manage and work with anger, stress, fear, overwhelmed, frustration, overthinking, sadness better
  • Have more compassion, understanding and acceptance in their daily life, for themselves and students.
  • Have more balance, emotional well-being and less overthinking
  • Explore with participants and their students’ new ways to deal with unpleasant feelings and thoughts
  • Improve relationships with students but also with colleagues and your private life
  • Create an environment of trust and acceptance in your classroom and school.
  • Gain more positive attitude in your community


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Confirmed dates
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30.10.2023 > 03.11.2023

Confirmed dates
Are you a group of 5+? Choose your own dates course!


Services included

  • Pre-arrival information.
  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.

Additional services

  • Accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments).
  • Half-day and one-day trips.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Airport transfer.
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