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The main aim of the course is to provide participants (and indirectly students) with knowledge and skills in basic economics and the functioning of the market and the development of entrepreneurial broadly defined attitudes, including openness and creativity in planning their own activities.

The participants acquire the ability to improve and develop their own talents, ideas, gain aims, find the best way to become an active member of a project team.

Through detailed workshops and simulations, this interactive training delivers a comprehensive knowledge of establishing own business, the creation of new teams.


  • Knowledge of defining and strengthen the entrepreneurial attitudes
  • Ability to develop own creativity and others´
  • Ability to improve an individual potential of a student
  • Knowledge how to offer own skills and knowledge to market needs
  • Ability to define a concrete target of a project
  • Ability to create an attractive team for a special project
  • Knowledge to define and apply the abilities of “quasi” perfect teacher and “quasi” perfect student
  • Capacity to apply SWOT analysis for the best teacher in the world
  • Capacity to develop an individual entrepreneurship


  • Day 1: Enterprise and entrepreneurship. Shool as an enterpise

Presentation of the course participants

Let´s begin…

Different definitions of a word “entrepreneurship”. Points of view about entrepreneurship. A Davidsson´s definition

Entrepreneurship as an economic entity (a firm)

Basic rules of business management

Types of enterprise´s functions

Enterprise´s gains and targets definitions

School as an enterprise: characteristics, targets, results, gain.

Success of a school as an enterprise

Business ethics. Teachers´ethics

  • Day 2: An enterprising teacher, an enterprising student, an enterprising project manager

Entrepreneurship as an indivivdual human feature of human personality

Human personality´s classification

Features of a good entrepreneur/businessman

Features of a good school director or a project manager

Features of a good enterprising teacher

Features of a good enterprising student

Teacher motivation

Teacher´s limits and how to overcome these limitations

Balance between the conscious mind and the adaptive unawareness

  • Day 3: Enterprising work team at school

Enterprising as an organization (institution). Different definitions of an organization

Types of organization

The organization´s relationship

School as an organization or institution: the organization relationships at school

Professional relationship between teacher and student

Work organization in the enterprise

Creating an entrepreneurial work team to carry out a project

Types and structures of a work team

Classification of roles in the work team

Stages of the work team organization

Defining and creating the workplaces of a new work team

  • Day 4: Perfect teacher, perfect student. Application of a student potential

Enterprising and moder school. Individual approach to the student

Classification of four basic student types

Types os students by Edumaster

Principles of working with a group of people with different personality types. Tips to increase work team´s efficiency

A class like a Smurf´s village. Students classification by Gargamel

Features and predispositions of “almost” an ideal student. Student´s potential

Features and predispositions of “almost” an ideal taecher

Application of a student potential

Building a relationship between teacher and student

  • Day 5: Application of a business plan and a SWOT analysis at school

Definition of a business plan

Business plan: functions, roles, schemas, elements

School project. Business plan by an enterprising teacher

Rules of a business plan creating

Criteria for assessing the business plan

SWOT analysis: a process stages

SWOT matrix

Main strategies based on a SWOT matrix

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of participants

Building career paths

SWOT matrix application for a teacher´s self-esteem.

Creating of a business plan for selected school project


The methodology used is a mixture between theoretical training and workshops training based on real-life examples. Different methods enable the participants to develop and create their solutions for their own professional needs and the needs of their students.

Practical part contains creating business-plan getting and analyzing real information from the project world . There are schedules, graphics, brainstorming techniques and tests used to achieve needed results.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Strengthen entrepreneurial attitude among students.
  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving.
  • Determine the group of students who will become successful team
  • Encourage students to entrepreneurial activities, to provide the benefits of owning own ideas
  • Lead the project of creating a business plan with students.
  • Encourage students to earn satisfaction from their own hobby.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual projects and individual persons



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