TenerifeNew Technologies & ICT5 days


This course aims at providing a broad range of technological tools for teachers in order to enhance their pupils’ creativity, curiosity, engagement, fun, both individual and collaborative learning and critical thinking. To do so, participants’ creativity and motivation will be boosted by exploring a great variety of up-to-date educational applications. All the stages involved in teaching will be covered: from class management, class preparation and delivery, assessing, organisational school tasks and parent-teacher communication. The tutor with participants will delve into different ways to improve lesson presentations, organisation and planning, and go through multiple resources to develop an efficient gamified practice, revision and assessing. Play with art and drawing apps are also planned, including creating funky videos and rendering quizzes and projects more fun and enjoyable.


The skills learnt by the participants during the course can be used to:

  • Getting to know how to use a great variety of digital resources,
  • Creating inspirational activities for both the teacher and the student,
  • Increasing pupils’ engagement and motivation,
  • Using students’ devices as one more educational tool at school and at home,
  • Developing collaborative activities,
  • Increasing performance and effectiveness in lesson preparation and delivery,
  • Using free, easy, ready-to-use resources,
  • Gaining efficiency as a teacher,
  • Saving time on bureaucracy for a more student-cantered approach,
  • Offering ICT support to students.



Who are you? Getting to know each other, challenges, expectations and motivations.

Introducing Genially, Padlet, Quizizz & Quizlet

What is the essential need you’d like to satisfy? What is your driving question? How can you bring something to society? What can you do to help your community? Group energy, collaborative work

Introducing Active Learning, PBL & Flipped Classroom.

How can we have a better understanding of our environment and make decisions that will make it a better place to live? Start thinking critically, investigating, collaborating, researching and communicating.

Introducing Blooms Taxonomy.

Introducing Google Classroom.

Are learning apps helping or hurting education?

What have you learnt today? Have you already met any of your expectations?



What do our students expect from our lessons?

Let’s create funky videos!

Introducing Edpuzzle, Flipgrid & Nearpod.

Let’s prepare inspiring lesson presentations!

Introducing Canva, Prezi & Book Creator.

How could you substitute and combine an element? Maybe you could adapt it, minify, magnify or modify it? Put to other uses, eliminate, reverse or rearrange?

Introducing SCAMPER Thinking Strategy.

What have you learnt today? Have you satisfied any of your needs?



Introduction to communication theory.

How to build good relationships? – workshop.

The theory of the dramatic triangle – workshop.

How to speak so people want to listen – mini-lecture and presentation.

Inspiration – discussion based on the mini-lecture.

Communication and facilitation techniques – workshop.

Group Discussion: Any criticism of PBL, Flipped Classroom or Active Learning?

Another way to engage parents. Introducing Class Dojo.

More fun for students, more fun for teachers and parents! Alreadymade resources.

ISL Collective, Busy Teacher

Let’s sing along! Educational videos & songs.

Gonoodle, The Learning Station – Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes, TED Ed, Lyrics Training, Audacity.

Final Presentation: Presentation to Society

What have you learnt throughout the course? Have you satisfied your needs? Have you answered your driving questions?


Treasure Hunt! How much do you know about TechEd?

Practice, practice, practice! Let’s edit videos and create photo collages with InShot.

Challenge the other groups!

Work Presentation

What have you learnt today? Have you satisfied any of your expectations?

What is the ideal use of technology in education?


Open day for attendees to keep creating their own materials based on all the knowledge and experience acquired.

What new ideas can you to implement in your daily practice?

Have you met your expectations?


The course will scope around a challenge, an issue, a question. What is the essential need you’d like to satisfy in this course? What is your driving question? How can you bring something to society? What can you do to help your community? The idea is, in groups, to create a short project throughout the course in order to answer de “ah ha!” question. And the group will do so by thinking critically, investigating, collaborating, researching and communicating. This way of teaching and learning involves three different methodologies, Active Learning, PBL and Flipped Classroom.


By completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand different technological models of lesson planning, presentation and assessment,
    • Use collaborative tools using cloud computing tools: Google Apps,
    • Search and select appropriate available videos and other resources,
    • Create video resources: record, edit and deliver videos,
    • Create audio-visual interactive activities,
    • Deal with main issues using technology in class,
    • Guide students to create their own content,
    • Get instant feedback from students.


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11.11.2024 > 15.11.2024
02.12.2024 > 06.12.2024

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  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
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  • Admin & organizational costs.

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