Málaga, Sevilla and TenerifeVET5 days


The Intermediate English Course will help teachers among other educators to really push their language comprehension forward in real-life educational situations, and also aims to simultaneously improve varied language skills via practical interaction during the course. With participation for all participants being key in the development throughout the duration, the course wouldn’t be complete without both cultural and professional elements introduced in all activities. The expectations and aims are for all participants to take away from the course practical and practicable skills, which in turn will inspire to become effective educational leaders and make tangible change to students of all levels and competencies.

To really get the most out of the course participation is at the centre of every activity, active listening and real-time adaptation will be promoted whenever possible, fluent communication and constructive delivery of classroom activities will also be a key focus.


The skills learnt by the participants during the course can be used to:

  • Speaking more effectively in public and better controlling and reducing stress.
  • Getting more confidence while teaching and expressing their arguments, statements and opinions in a more understandable and clear manner.
  • Understanding the basics of conversation not only in person but also on the internet.
  • Widening the teachers’ opportunities of the resources and material they can view online, regarding both work topics and materials for personal use.
  • Being more aware of both British and Spanish culture and traditions
  • Understanding cultural elements that they may come across through potential work with English or Spanish speaking individuals which they previously would not have been aware of the course promotes multiculturalism and the understanding of other cultures aside from their own.
  • Promoting internationalism, tolerance and simple worlds’ curiosity among students and their co-workers.
  • Understanding students’ barriers of speaking in public and exploiting their strengths


  • DAY 1:

Team fun get to know each other, hopefully very well

Competency check, strengths, areas of improvement

Learning preference exploration with adaptable activities

Creativity in the classroom and how to exploit your students strengths

  • DAY 2:

Fun mini exam project based on individual grammar knowledge. Team challenge to complete the exams 100%

Warmers and fillers, adaptability and compatibility with various levels.

The local festivities [Semana Santa / La feria de Abril] Question Word practice WHO/WHERE/WHEN/WHAT/WHY

Introduction of technology in the classroom, Kahoot and wordwall.

  • DAY 3:

A walk around the Seville old town [begin in Jardines de Murillo], dynamic outdoor activities incorporated into key historically information, finally stopping for a traditional Andalucian breakfast.

After breakfast head towards the Cathedral and Giralda, Interesting facts worksheet, key points in history and vocab on the architecture.

Next stop “Plaza Espana” walk around the province sections. Fun facts and related vocab.

The province challenge! Activity based on the old kingdoms of Spain and 48 provinces.

Final stop “Parque Maria Luisa”, light activities to finish the morning. Consolidation of previous activities.

  • DAY 4:

Consolidation of previous day’s activities, how to implement real experiences into the classroom setting. Various group activities to exploit new knowledge.

Warmers and fillers, how to progress throughout a course.

The tourism blogger! Participants to create their own monument review, writing workshop.

Gastronomy time, introduction to Spanish cuisine. Guess the dish/ingredients and vocab. Share with the group their own culinary preferences and ideas.

Create personalised recipes for typical dishes from home countries, or dish of choice.

Food critic group discussion, vote for the best dish.

  • DAY 5:

Overview on the course so far, self-evaluation. Test each other’s knowledge on Seville, games in groups and vocab related exercises to reinforce and recycle everything learnt so far.

Warmers and fillers, potential full course plan and further exploration.

Implementing everything during the course into manageable activities for their own classes. Further exploration into various tools and vehicles to really exploit language.

Personalised Kahoot mini exam, based on the week’s highlights.

Farewell video all together. A video message for any potential IDEVELOPERS out there, and why they should visit wonderful Seville.


All content will be tailor designed for every participant in mind from the doers to the thinkers, as we all know learning preferences are crucial when it comes to efficient and personable teaching. The course will focus on practical interaction. Team work will be at the heart of our time together and learning English in this way really does help with our all-inclusive, practical approach to course delivery.

Last but not least, fun… A huge emphasis will be made to enjoy the activities and hopefully create some fantastic memories and unforgettable experiences.


On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Greet somebody and ask how they are
  • Introduce them self and give personal information
  • Use vocabulary from basic topics such as colours and professions
  • Ask and tell the time
  • Discuss their likes and dislikes and what they enjoy doing in their free time
  • Know and remember vocabulary from basic topics such as days and months
  • Know and remember food vocabulary and traditional food in the UK
  • Place an order in a restaurant
  • Follow a recipe and create their own
  • Use the imperative tense
  • Give and follow directions
  • Know and remember how to form the present simple tense
  • Know and remember some colloquial English phrases


19.06.2023 > 23.06.2023
24.07.2023 > 28.07.2023
31.07.2023 > 04.08.2023
18.09.2023 > 22.09.2023
23.10.2023 > 27.10.2023
13.11.2023 > 17.11.2023
11.12.2023 > 15.12.2023
15.01.2024 > 19.01.2024
19.02.2024 > 23.02.2024
18.03.2024 > 22.03.2024
22.04.2024 > 26.04.2024
20.05.2024 > 24.05.2024
17.06.2024 > 21.06.2024
22.07.2024 > 26.07.2024
19.08.2024 > 23.08.2024
16.09.2024 > 20.09.2024
14.10.2024 > 18.10.2024
11.11.2024 > 15.11.2024
09.12.2024 > 13.12.2024

Confirmed dates
Are you a group of 5+? Choose your own dates course!
Confirmed dates
Are you a group of 5+? Choose your own dates course!

19.06.2023 > 23.06.2023
17.07.2023 > 21.07.2023
21.08.2023 > 25.08.2023
25.09.2023 > 29.09.2023
30.10.2023 > 03.11.2023
20.11.2023 > 24.11.2023
18.12.2023 > 22.12.2023
29.01.2024 > 02.02.2024
19.02.2024 > 23.02.2024
18.03.2024 > 22.03.2024
27.05.2024 > 31.05.2024
24.06.2024 > 28.06.2024
22.07.2024 > 26.07.2024
26.08.2024 > 30.08.2024
30.09.2024 > 04.10.2024
28.10.2024 > 01.11.2024
18.11.2024 > 22.11.2024
16.12.2024 > 20.12.2024

Confirmed dates
Are you a group of 5+? Choose your own dates course!


Services included

  • Pre-arrival information.
  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.

Additional services

  • Accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments).
  • Half-day and one-day trips.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Airport transfer.
  • Local transport.