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This dynamic and practical course will focus on extending the traits of music to instruction, so as to learn and favour the emotional development of your students towards tolerance and acceptance of themselves and others. Identifying emotions, expressing concerns, dealing with anger and frustrations, and showing compassion are just some of the challenging and complex emotions students hardly get the chance to transmit without fearing criticism.

Transform your classroom in an inclusion-friendly, zero judgment space with the harmony of music. Develop strong bonds with your students and among your students: the perfect ambience to overcome any challenge.


By completing this course, participants will:

  • Gain ideas of how to engage students and colleagues in creating safe classrooms.
  • Deepen their understanding of human communication and influence students through better communication skills.
  • Implement new techniques of communication in the classroom, facilitating the learning process, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Bond with colleagues, students, and their families.
  • Promote social skills that will accompany students throughout their lifes.
  • Lower stress and frustration levels in the classroom.
  • Deepen your knowledge about music applied to the classroom.
  • Improve your knowledge of emotional ecology.
  • Learn to approach and address delicate issues concerning your students.
  • Change their habitual strategies of behavior.


  • DAY 1: Flowing

Introduction: what are the 5 different rhythms that we go though every day?

Flowing in the classroom. Practical Exercises.

Acceptance in the classroom.

Exercises for teenagers awakening of affection and emotional acceptance. Identifying emotions. Listening to your body. Using Your Senses. Trusting the other. Going to and facing the unknown.

Sweat your prayers. The dance of your soul. Based on the 5 Rhythms of Movement. Special Flowing focus

  • DAY 2: Staccato

The doing energy. Tools: How to start new in the classroom projects. Values.

Help your students to identify and reach their goals. Fear acceptance. Heart listening techniques. What are your values?

Women’s and men’s energy. How to connect with our power? Are we awake? Leap of faith exercises. Dance Contact-Impro. Experience how it feels like to be with other bodies. What do they say?

Sweat your prayers. The dance of your soul. Based on the 5 Rhythms of Movement. Special Staccato focus

  • DAY 3: Chaos

Coping with Stress in the classroom techniques. How do I teach when nobody is listening or paying attention? Tips to go inside your students minds and be with them. Enjoy the Chaos.

Dealing with Anger. Body liberating techniques on how to deal with Anger. Voice liberating exercises in the classroom. Active body exercises inside and outside the classroom.

Peace and chaos. Silence and noise. Opposites but equals.

Releasing techniques.

Sweat your prayers. The dance of your soul. Based on the 5 Rhythms of Movement. Special Chaos focus

  • DAY 4: Lyrics

How does it feel like being your true self?

Full awareness of your essence

Connecting with your inner child exercises.

Compassion to others and Self-awareness. “The forest” group exercise.

Inner love. Contact-Impro delicacy and beauty in the touch.

Sweat your prayers. The dance of your soul. Based on the 5 Rhythms of Movement. Special Lyrical focus.

  • DAY 5: Stillness

Introspection dynamics

Exploring the mind and the body flowing together. “Meditation in movement” individual exercises.

Being present. “The moment is now” exercise.

How to be truly thankful. Letting your mind go. “The no-mind state”

Sweat your prayers. The dance of your soul. Based on the 5 Rhythms of Movement. Special Stillness focus.


The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs. The training will follow mainly practical approaches; as part of the course, the participants will learn how to implement these techniques in the various phases of their daily routines. The course trainer will engage with the most innovative and creative thoughts of the learners, and steer them towards a better understanding of the methods.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving.
  • Feel more motivated and confident.
  • Spread your positive attitude in your community.
  • Widen your and your students’ horizons.
  • Stay up to date on emerging educational trends.
  • Creative and innovative techniques of self-expression and communication will improve students’ performance and quality of work.
  • Create an environment of trust in your classroom and school.



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    • Admin & organizational costs.

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