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Art is a way of relaxing and being and forgetting about everything. But it is also the way how to:

  • Increase the creativity, intuition or selfexpresion
  • Reduce stress and pressure
  • experience more joy, peace and harmony
  • Healing what needs to be healed easily and gently

When you are creative, live flow through you. Being creative opens possibilities and resourcefulness. Resourcefulness, the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, is nowadays “a must” in teacher´s and students’ daily lives and future. It helps to find the way where there seems to be none. It brings new brilliant ideas and creative solutions to the daily lives of teachers and their students.

Art is a powerful tool that unlocks your subconscious mind, allowing you to release pain, process emotions and find clarity and meaning gently way.

Everyone can create. The act of creating is reward. When you hear words like” I can´t do that”, please throw them in the trash and start making something in art and in life. There are no previous painting skill needed, beginners and first time painters or those, who think that they can´t paint,  are more than welcome.


  • Soft art therapy techniques easily applicable in your daily life and in the classroom in an enjoyable way.
  • Ability to lower stress, pressure and frustration levels in the classroom.
  • Effectively support creative thinking among teachers and their students
  • Unblock patterns of thinking which we use on a daily basis, develop resourcefulness in participants and learn how to transmit it to their students
  • To deepen participants´ knowledge about painting and art therapy applied to the classroom
  • Use the creativity of their learners in solving problems
  • Get to know and use a wide range of tools aimed at shaping creative thinking
  • Use different methods of implementing creative solution in their professional life, discovering at the same time their own creative resources


  • Day 1: Introduction to ART

Ice breaker

Getting to know each other. Presentation activity where participants will know each other and group exchange: sharing experiences related to the topic of the workshop and expectations towards it.

First steps. Group dynamic.

Establising the common agreement: goals, expectations and fears related to the course. Painting, art therapy basics.

Painting and visualization

Group reflection. Day conclusions.

  • Day 2: Mandala of the day

Mandalas, set up, basic information, insights, the importance of resting and building creativity

Soft and easy way to work with students feelings

Understanding and acceptance instead of judging and fighting against

Dealing with anger. Body liberating techniques on how to deal with anger.

Group reflection. Day conclusions.

  • Day 3: Beauty from Ashes Mandala

The easiest and most effective way how to work with struggles

Coping with overthinking. Realeasing techniques

More and more, are being used as a form of art therapy to help people unwind, relax, heal and cleand the mind

Creating Mandala Beauty from Ashes with BLANK CANVAS

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 4: Past, Present, Future

How the past and present influence student´s reactions

How to recognize it and release it

Recognize what you really want, positive set up

Why Positive set up is not enough and why only affirmation do not work, what is needed

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 5: How to cope with Stress

Flow state. Unconscious incubation: the importance of resting, our brain´s time and how to overcome the barriers of conventional thinking

Visualization, painting

Paint and flow. Anyone can paint. Easy techniques

Coping with Stress in the classromm techniques

Group reflection. Day conclusions


The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs.

The training will follow mainly practical approaches; visualisations, group activities and painting, art therapy as part of the course.The participants will learn how to implement these techniques in the various phases of their daily routines.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use painting and art therapy techniques to relax, reduce stress, solve the challenges in life and classroom more easily and in a creative way. Increase creativity, intuition and self-expression of teachers and their students
  • Be more creative and resourceful in finding solution more easily
  • Look for solutions in a creative way
  • Manage and work better with emotions and mind and be able to help their students with this.
  • Have more compassion, understanding and acceptance in their daily life, for themselves and students
  • Gain more positive attitude in your community
  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving


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Services included

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  • Training Certificate.
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  • Admin & organizational costs.

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