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This course is full of techniques, tools and right questions for students to make right decision about their future, moreover, these tools are applicable for any decision that you, as a teacher, are facing.

Are you, a teacher, facing a challenging situation or it is hard to make decisions? This course provides different techniques and tools to help you find the answers you need, get decisions/solutions easier and help with overthinking.

Would you like to help your students with their passion? Help them find out what they really want? To choose the school, profession, direction of the life? Do you think your students sometimes consider things like: “What school I should choose?”, “What direction to go?”, “What I want to do?” or later saying “I should do it different”, “I should have made different choices”. There are so many questions and overthinking when we are doing important decision.

This course helps the teacher to support students in this area, give right questions or advice to help the students decide.


  • Make decision more easily, develop decision making in students
  • to support students with student passion and life direction
  • Use coaching skills and question to support students and themselves with difficult decisions/situation
  • Effectively support the process of student’s development
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Being able to work on your own habits, thinking and challenges
  • Quickly and effectively forming questions inspiring to take solution/decision/action


  • Day 1: Introduction to my mission

Ice breaker. When anything is possible

Getting to know each other. Presentation activity where participants will know each other and group exchange: sharing experiences related to the topic of the workshop and expectations towards it.

First steps: group dynamic.

Introduction, my mission, my dreams

Group exercise

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 2: My mission

Many choices and a lot of possibilities, how to choose, What are the right questions to answer for your s tudents

Dream job and how to help them on their way


Obstacles, fear and how to overcome them

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 3: Dreams and goals

Dreams and goals: help your student how to recognise them

Group exercise, questions


My goals vs What my parents want

Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 4: Awake creativity

Past, Present Mandala

How the past and present influence in students´ reactions

Future mandala

Recognize what you reallt want. Positive set up

Why Positive set up is not enough and why onle affirmation do not work, what it needed


Group reflection. Day conclusions

  • Day 5: Feel what you want

Feel what you want


Vision board

Group reflection. Day conclusions


The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs.

The training will follow mainly practical approaches; visualisations, group activities and coaching tools, methods as part of the course. The participants will learn how to implement these techniques in the various phases of their daily routines.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use a set of questions, tools, methods to help participants find their direction/solutions/decision and re-use these techniques to help students find their solutions
  • Help students with their passions/direction of the life
  • Find what participant/student really want
  • Use coaching skills and tools (giving student advices often lead to rebellious behaviour and push back, coaching leads to solutions)
  • Solve overthinking and making decisions better
  • Learn the ways to overcome fear, obstacles and procrastination
  • Motivate students on their paths and at the same time develop their sense of responsibility
  • Working on their own habits, will make teachers realize how they can help students enhance their strengths


23.10.2023 > 27.10.2023
20.11.2023 > 24.11.2023
18.12.2023 > 22.12.2023
22.01.2024 > 26.01.2024
19.02.2024 > 23.02.2024
25.03.2024 > 29.03.2024
29.04.2024 > 03.05.2024
27.05.2024 > 31.05.2024
24.06.2024 > 28.06.2024
16.07.2024 > 20.07.2024
29.07.2024 > 02.08.2024
26.08.2024 > 30.08.2024
30.09.2024 > 04.10.2024
28.10.2024 > 01.11.2024
25.11.2024 > 29.11.2024

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Services included

  • Pre-arrival information.
  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.

Additional services

  • Accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments).
  • Half-day and one-day trips.
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